GET COCAINE, this website’s name, is actually an undisclosed metaphor. It has nothing to do with procuring a controlled substance. I apologize if you are disappointed. This website aims to help make virtual reality pornography the norm as soon as possible. One of the main reasons we watch movies (all types) is to experience experiences that we do not on our own. Cinematic experiences do not carry the same consequences as real ones. We can face death and be safe the entire time thanks to a movie. Virtual reality augments the experiences that movies provide when we watch them. Virtual reality pornography provides us with a haven for maximum pleasure without reality’s entailments. Enjoy yourself without constraints, barriers, or impediments. Enjoy yourself without the limitations of your own imagination. Enjoy yourself without the restrictions of reality. A new era is at hand.

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Life takes its toll on everyone. People want to feel better. Nearly all of us repeatedly seek forms of entertainment to pacify ourselves from life’s harsh realities. Entertainment provides a much needed distraction from stress and pain. Virtual reality pornography brings the ultimate entertainment experiences. You are invited to indulge. You are also invited to follow this blog. Come here for my views, poetry, and memories. I am going to share things about myself that no one else knows. My posts will have random content but consistent quality. Thanks for visiting this website. Come back often.